Can Natural Practices Really Transform Your Health and Wellbeing?

You may have heard of natural health care such as Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Unani Tibb. If you're like most people, you might be hopeful but also a little skeptical about whether or not these actually work...

Before we get into the truth of the matter, and how we can re-define health in the modern world based on a profound whole-person healthcare tradition (Tibb), first take a moment to reflect on this question...

Have you struggled with any the following?

  • Burnout / Low Energy
  • Stress / Anxiety
  • Frequent Colds / Flu
  • Feeling Constipated
  • Over/Underweight
  • Gas / Bloating / Indigestion
  • Low Mood / Depression
  • Cravings / Addictions
  • Insomnia / Poor Sleep
  • "Winter Blues"
  • Lethargy
  • Dry Skin / Oily Skin
  • Blood Sugar Problems
  • Blood Pressure Problems
  • Less Active In Relationships
  • Lack of Productivity
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Spiritual Disconnect

If you've experienced any of these, and want to learn tried and true principles towards overcoming these challenges and building and maintaining good health and wellbeing, here are the 4 most important keys that you need to understand.

The 4 Keys To Health And Wellbeing

These days, they are known as 'complementary' and 'alternative' therapies, however, for 1000s of years, traditional and natural healthcare was the main form of healthcare for all of humanity.

Ṭibb (also referred to in its various aspects as Arabic, Greco-Arab, Hikmah, Unani, Islamic, Sufi, and Prophetic medicine) is a tradition of healthcare and medicine developed over 1000s of years. The wisdom and knowledge of Ṭibb has 4 key areas of focus.

[Key #1] Hikmah: Understanding ourselves as whole and holy, honouring our spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects, and learning how to take care of them.

Life Balance Stones

[Key #2] Fitrah: Harmonising with the natural principles of life on Earth. Learning how to manage The Six Lifestyle Factors for total health and wellbeing.

[Key #3] Mizaj: Recognising the uniqueness of each of us by  discovering our individual strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, particular needs, and valuable gifts.

[Key #4] Miftah-al-Khizanah: Benefitting from nature's infinite treasury of healing foods and medicinal plants to remedy diseases and enrich our human capabilities.

" My name is Hussein, and this is my story... "

In just a moment, we'll go into more details about The 4 Keys. But first, this revealing story will give you an idea of the benefits and the transformation that the wisdom, knowledge and practices of Ṭibb can offer.

" I found myself feeling tired, worn-out, and stressed. Looking back, the scary thing is that I was just 18 years old, and facing these problems. Specifically, some of the things I was struggling with were: low energy, social anxiety, low moods, insomnia, junk-food addictions, sugar cravings, stomach aches and constipation.

I didn't realise how much of this was actually being caused by my own unhealthy lifestyle and lack of knowledge about taking care of my health and wellbeing. I just took these problems as 'part of life' and 'lived with them' without thinking much about why or how these things were happening.

However, my suffering was getting worse and worse, and soon I was struggling with my studies, becoming disconnected from my family, feeling more miserable and empty, and becoming more and more unwell physically and mentally.

" I was lost, so I started seeking an answer... "

Having nowhere else to turn in my constant suffering, I wanted to become more connected with myself and nature. Searching the internet, I discovered that traditional, natural lifestyle and practices could heal my mind and body.

I started to have a hope that natural and wholistic medicine could help to heal my problems on a deep level, but I had no idea where to go to learn more. Fortunately for me, one of my cousins told me about Hakim Salim's College in Leicester, UK. So I checked out their website and saw that they had an in-person course coming up within the next few months (back then, they hadn't yet started online courses).

Since this was the first opportunity I had ever come across to learn about health and wellbeing from a traditional and natural approach, I decided to attend. So I made the commitment, and my cousin also decided to join.

" Coming face-to-face with the tradition... "

We arrived in Leicester, UK, for the beginning of the course. When I received the course materials, I was uplifted even just by reading the first few sections. The clarity and depth of wisdom really impressed me!

But that wasn't even the most impressive thing about this whole experience. On the first day of class, we met Hakim Salim. He is such a compassionate, inspiring and deeply grounded teacher. Not only that, but his level of knowledge and skills in this field I found very impressive.

I really didn't anticipate having such a special experience. Before this, I had no idea that there was such a profound and rich treasury of knowledge, wisdom and resources. I genuinely had never imagined that anything like this even existed.

" Then suddenly, things got serious... "

We learned a lot during the course and it was such a great and unique experience. But then, Hakim Salim did an assessment of my health, which is when things got a lot more serious.

After Hakim Salim asked me a few questions and took some notes, he assessed me using iridology and pulse analysis. Then, he looked directly at me and said, "your health is very poor, especially for your age". This was not good news. I trusted Hakim Salim because I knew that he had decades of experience and expertise behind him, and this was a gentle-but-firm reality check.

And so, Hakim Salim explained to me very clearly that I had two choices:

  • I could carry on the same old way (with popular and unhealthy 'modern lifestyle'), and watch my depletion, anxiety, addictions and unhappiness eat my life away.
  • Or, I could replace my unhealthy lifestyle with with a more balanced, wholesome and tradition-inspired way of living - according to nature's laws and principles.

" The biggest transformation of my life... "

After learning what I did on the course, and following the methods and the principles, I went through the biggest transformation of my life.

Over time, it significantly helped my addictions, cravings, unhappiness, burnout, low moods and anxiety, and I started to feel every part of my being healing. This was also a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

I can say that my life changed dramatically. My food, sleep and energy problems were hugely improved. I felt much more at peace with myself. My parents and family started noticing a more independent, alive, happier and confident person. 

Since this journey started, my life is on a path that is much better than the one I used to be on. I am proud to be physically healthy, emotionally well, mentally fit and able, contributing every day in my work and family, and continuing to grow."

The Revival of a Living Health Tradition

The reason why we are suffering more from chronic diseases and ailments is because the wisdom and knowledge of The 4 Keys to Health and Wellbeing have been lost and hidden away, and confusion has replaced it.

We live in the 'information age' where data is readily accessible.  Masses of data and information are gathered, but we've lost the understanding we need to make sense of life, health and wellbeing as a whole. The problem is that we have lost these 4 important keys to health and wellbeing.

We've become disconnected from the wisdom, principles, and practices of Ṭibb that have been preserved and refined over 1000s of years.  Having lost this, we are left in the dark, unable to understand health and disease meaningfully.  However, there is now a revival.

People from all backgrounds, from all around the world are seeking a more enlightened approach. To reconnect with the lost wisdom of humanity - the Ṭibb tradition with its 4 keys - to help them live their lives healthy and well.  For example...

- Farhat experienced arthritis pains for years. Then she learned of an 'amazing healing superfood' which she started eating at breakfast regularly. However, little did she know, this so-called 'superfood' was actually making her arthritis pains worse. Farhat only realised this after learning about the 4 keys, and her arthritis pains improved after following this understanding.

- Iman is a creative. She is a pottery artist who is living her passion. However, she suffered from seasonal cold, flu, and pneumonia, every single year. It brought her down and she could no longer be as creative and energetic. This was going on for 20+ years until Iman used the 4 keys to go a whole year pneumonia-free.  She also shed excess weight, and feels much more vital and healthy.

Previously, the knowledge of The 4 Keys was only available to our in-person students, most of who travelled across cities, countries, or continents to learn them. However, with our new online programme, you can now get a comprehensive and foundational understanding learning from the comfort of your own home.

This programme is called The Ṭibb Transformation.

The Tibb Transformation

Online education and coaching programme designed to help you transform your health and wellbeing with The 4 Keys to Health and Wellbeing.

Curriculum based on Principal M Salim Khan's 40+ years experience in Ṭibb healthcare, and delivered by certified Tibb Healthy Living Coach Hussein Ahmed with 10 years learning, implementing, and teaching this course.

The Ṭibb Transformation includes instant access to all of the The 4 Keys.  This authentic, comprehensive curriculum is exclusive to our College and only available to our learners. And that's not all...

With the Ṭibb Transformation, we decided to go even further.  While the knowledge of The 4 Keys is truly priceless, you can only benefit if you bring this wisdom, knowledge, and practices into your reality.  You will have a certified Ṭibb Healthy Living Coach who will walk you through our 5-Part Coaching Plan to help you understand and implement this profound knowledge.

Before we go into the details of the curriculum and coaching plan, here's a visual overview of how your Ṭibb Transformation will happen.

This diagram shows the three essential ingredients in the Ṭibb Transformation that have helped hundreds of our students (just like Hussein, Farhat, and Iman, metioned earlier), to overcome diseases and maintain good health. Here are some examples of the benefits that can come from learning and implementing this...

  • Boost your energy levels.
  • Ease stress and anxiety.
  • Increase resistance to colds and flu.
  • Improve constipation.
  • Make progress towards your ideal weight.
  • Strengthen your digestion.
  • Manage depression and low moods.
  • Ease cravings and addictions.
  • Promote restful, restorative sleep.
  • Overcome lethargy and low energy.
  • Promote vibrant, clear skin.
  • Normalise sugar levels.
  • Balance blood pressure.
  • Better relationships.
  • Grounded self-confidence.
  • Better productivity.
  • Balanced daily routine.
  • ... and much more!

Here is the full curriculum followed by the coaching plan that will help you to get these benefits...

The Tibb Transformation Curriculum
(The 4 Keys to Health and Wellbeing)

[Key #1] Hikmah: Wisdom-Based Healthcare and Medicine
1.1 Ḥikmah – The Philosophical Foundations of Ṭibb
1.2 Definitions and Subject Matter of Ṭibb
1.3 Arkān – The Elements
1.4 Mizāj – Temperament
1.5 Akhlāṭ – The Humours
1.6 Aʿḍā: The Organs
1.7 Arwāḥ – The Spirits, Quwā – The Faculties, Af ͑āl – The Functions

Life Balance Stones

[Key #2] Fitrah: Living According To Natural Principles
2.1 Introduction to Life Balance
2.2 Seasons and Air
2.3 Food and Drink
2.4 Physical Activity and Rest
2.5 Mental Activity and Rest
2.6 Retention and Elimination
2.7 Sleep and Wakefulness

[Key #3] Mizaj: The Golden Key To Discovering Yourself
3.1 Getting to Know Yourself and Getting to Know Nature
3.2 Understanding The Temperaments Using The 4 Seasons
3.3 Temperaments & Health with M Salim Khan (Podcast Recording)
3.4 Assessing Your Temperament (Self-Assessment Questionnaire)
3.5 Lifestyle Balance According to Temperament
3.6 Temperaments, Foods and Drinks
3.7 Advanced Understanding of Temperaments

[Key #4] Miftah-al-Khizanah: Nature's Healing Treasury
4.1 Benefits and Uses of Natural Medicaments
4.2 Single Medicaments
4.3 Compound Formulae
4.4 Essential Healing Ingredients
4.5 Simple, Wholesome Breakfasts
4.6 Healthy Main Dishes
4.7 Delicious and Nutritious Soups
4.8 Healthy Sweet Treat
4.9 Nourishing Drinks
4.10 Non-Dairy Alternatives
4.11 Healthy Spice Mixtures

The 5-Part Coaching Plan

1. Clarifying Intention and Direction
A. Create an inspiring, crystal clear vision of your ideal, harmonious, balanced, and healthy lifestyle.
B. Develop more appreciation and understanding of the priceless gifts of your body, mind, and spirit.
C. Be more consistently invested in your healthy living goals despite distractions and setbacks.

2. Upgrading Knowledge and Skills (The 4 Keys)
A. Hikmah: Re-discover yourself as whole and holy, exploring the traditional understanding of the human constitution, and your body's inner healing wisdom.

B. Fitrah: Re-connect with the natural principles of life on Earth, learning how to optimise the six most essential areas of your life to achieve total wellbeing.

C. Mizaj: Understand yourself more deeply, as a whole spiritual, psychological, and physical being, taking into account your individual strengths and weaknesses.

D. Miftah-al-Khizanah: Equip yourself with time-tested treasures: foods, herbs, and formulations.  Connect to nature's infinite healing treasury to enrich your health.

3. Strategising Healthy Practices
A. Strategise your priority healthy living goals so they become more easily achievable.
B. Score how healthy your lifestyle currently is in six key areas, and create a plan to improve each.
C. Build impactful, healthy, wholesome habits now that will continue to benefit you for years to come.

4. Optimising Personal Environment
A. Upgrade your personal environment by being part of a community dedicated to healthy living
B. Make creative, practical shifts to your living and working space to make health more effortless.

5. Winning the Inner Struggle
A. Prevent your nafs (lower self) from sabotaging your health via support and accountability.
B. Have more peace and happiness by understanding yourself and showing yourself better care.

Here's what you get when you join for 1-year...

The Ṭibb Transformation has three different options depending on the level of support you want from us, and how much you are able to invest. Here is what's included for 1-year in each of the three packages: Green, Silver, and Gold.

If you wish to later pursue the Diploma in Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine (Unani Tibb) programme, you will need to enrol on the Tibb Transformation Silver or Gold, as this is a prerequisite to our Diploma programmes. (Green is not counted.) Tibb Transformation Silver and Gold participants will receive £1,080 off their Diploma fees.

Please note that the Tibb Transformation is for personal benefit and the practitioner Diploma programme is a separate programme (see


Total Value: £2,400
Enrolment Fee: Only £900

  • Instant Access To The Ṭibb Transformation Curriculum (4 Keys) via Online Portal. Value £800
  • Recorded Video Trainings and Content Summaries. Value £600
  • On-Demand Course Support via 1-to-1 Zoom Calls (+ Priority Email Support. Value £1,000

Join Green

Enrol for £900


Total Value: £4,000
Enrolment Fee: Only £1,080

  • Instant Access To The Ṭibb Transformation Curriculum (4 Keys) via Online Portal. Value £800
  • Recorded Video Trainings and Content Summaries. Value £600
  • On-Demand Course Support via 1-to-1 Zoom Calls (+ Priority Email Support. Value £1,000
  • 20 x Ṭibb Transformation Live 90min Group Sessions. Value £1,000
  • Live Teaching, Q&A, and 'Hot-Seat' Coaching during each group session.
  • Free Ticket For 1 Weekend Programme run by Principal M Salim Khan. Value £600

Join Silver


Total Value: £6,200
Enrolment Fee: Only £3,360

  • Instant Access To The Ṭibb Transformation Curriculum (4 Keys) via Online Portal. Value £800
  • Recorded Video Trainings and Content Summaries. Value £600
  • On-Demand Course Support via 1-to-1 Zoom Calls (+ Priority Email Support. Value £1,000
  • 20 x Ṭibb Transformation Live 90min Group Sessions. Value £1,000
  • Live Teaching, Q&A, and 'Hot-Seat' Coaching during each group session.
  • Free Ticket For 1 Weekend Programme run by Principal M Salim Khan. Value £600
  • 20 x 1-to-1 50-min In-Depth Coaching Sessions ('Inside-Out' Mindset Coaching and/or Tibb Deep-Dives). Value £2,200

Join Gold

Join 100s of our Learners Worldwide!

The 4 Keys to Health and Wellbeing have helped 100s of of our learners from all over the world...

Creator of the Tibb Transformation Curriculum

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Hakim M Salim Khan
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Principal of the College with 40 years experience practicing and teaching natural health. Master herbalist, nutritionist, iridologist. President of three professional associations.

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40 Years of Dedicated Service

There is a complete, lasting, and transformative solution to the pains, problems and life-threatening diseases that we face.

Hakim Salim has spent 40 years of dedicated service learning, practicing, teaching, and sharing our living tradition of Tibb: Whole-Person Healthcare & Medicine with 1000s of patients and students worldwide. He has especially developed The Tibb Transformation online curriculum so you can bring these timeless healing secrets into your daily life, from the comfort of your home.

For Your Peace of Mind...

We are confident that you will get all the great value and benefit that you expect from this programme. However, if within the first 30 days of the programme you decide that it is not exactly what you need, we will reverse your enrollment.

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