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 Diploma in Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine (Unani Tibb)

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Pestle and Mortar, Ibn Sina, Life Sprouting, Herbs and Spices

Why Natural Health?

The unhealthy lifestyle that most people lead causes poor health, poverty and frustration. Public healthcare is in crisis. Chronic diseases are causing millions of deaths yearly, as well as sabotaging quality of life for hundreds of millions more. 

A solution to these ongoing crises? A wisdom-based, time-tested and living tradition of healthcare and medicine - Unani Tibb. From this perspective, true health is the result of human beings living in a state of wholeness and balance by returning to the natural order.

Tibb is an Arabic word which literally means “nature”. It is a tradition of healthcare and medicine whose synthesis was in the crucible of the Middle East, and integrates elements from Egypt, India, China and Classical Greece (in Arabic, the word Unani means 'Greek'). 

Some of the most illustrious names such as Hippocrates of Greece, Galen of Rome, Ar-Razi of Persia, Ibn Al-Baytar of Andalusia, Spain, Maimonides of Cairo, Egypt, and Ibn Sina (Avicenna) were practitioners and teachers of Unani Tibb: Whole-Person Healthcare & Medicine.

40 Years of Dedicated Service

The College of Medicine and Healing Arts offers the Diploma in Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine programme in the UK and internationally for those who wish to practice Unani Tibb as a professional. The training provided by the College is the most authentic training of Unani Tibb, provided in traditional practices incorporating appropriate modern knowledge and skills.

The College's Principal Hakim M Salim Khan has spent 40 years of dedicated service learning, practicing, teaching, and sharing the tradition of Unani Tibb: Whole-Person Healthcare & Medicine.

The Diploma in Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine is a unique opportunity to benefit in-person, directly from Hakim M Salim Khan and his rich legacy of work in practice and teaching.

Hakim M Salim Khan Portrait

Hakim M Salim Khan M.D.(M.A.) M.H. D.O.

Principal of the College with 40 years experience practicing and teaching natural health. Master herbalist, nutritionist, iridologist. President of three professional associations.

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Overview of the Course 

Life Balance Stones


  • Become acquainted with the philosophy and cosmology of Tibb.  
  • Learn secrets towards perfect health - the Six Lifestyle Factors.  
  • Use the Life Balance Wheel to begin your own transformation.  
  • Discover your unique temperament (Mizaj).  
  • Learn a range of healthy dishes and spice mixtures.
Pestle and Mortar


  • Understand why there is currently a health crisis worldwide.  
  • Learn specific interventions regarding diet, exercise, and lifestyle.  
  • Explore the art and science of nutrition in depth.  
  • Learn an important (but mostly ignored) key to healing.  
  • Practically prepare natural remedies using traditional formulae.


  • Develop your approach and skills as a future practitioner.
  • Learn a wholistic approach to clinical assessment.  
  • Learn how to interview a patient and take relevant case notes.  
  • Begin using traditional clinical skills such as pulse diagnosis.  
  • Receive templated patient intake documents used in our clinics.


  • Gain a comprehensive, essential understanding of anatomy and physiology.  
  • Learn how to manage patients' health and wellbeing safely and effectively.  
  • Cover the basics of accidents, emergencies, and red flag conditions.  
  • Learn how to run a successful practice with regards to business aspects.  
  • Cover health and safety, confidentiality, record keeping and data protection.


  • Experience day-to-day activities in running a natural health practice.  
  • Learn how to prepare and manage clinic and equipment ready for patients.  
  • Develop inter-personal skills in receiving and interviewing patients.  
  • Experience making and dispensing medicines in a live herbal pharmacy.
  • Serve real-life patients and/or fellow students as a trainee practitioner.


  • Review your progress across all areas of the Diploma programme.  
  • Review your personal as well as professional development.  
  • Update and finalise your individual clinical case studies.  
  • Get final feedback and finish all your Diploma coursework.  
  • Revise and prepare for your final exams.

What People Are Saying About This Programme


"My experience [of the programme] has been really positive... I've benefitted greatly and there's been a lot of wisdom ... like finding a treasure!" - Iman, Nutritionist in Malaysia

Student Dr. Javed Khokhar Gives His Testimonial

"Hakim Salim is really a master of this science, somebody who has dedicated his life and his efforts learning this knowledge, and now teaching it openly." - Dr. Javed, GP in England 


"I'm thouroughly enjoying it! We have a beautiful group of people and we bonded very well. It is a life-transforming change for me." - Catherine, Acupuncturist and Osteopath in England 

Student Karl Reeve Gives His Testimonial

"It's the most adaptable for my philosophy, spirituality and health. My experience [of the programme] has been absolutely amazing!" - Karl, Gym Instructor in England

What People Are Saying About This Programme

Dates, Fees, and Schedule

Stage 1 + 2

Stage 1: Life Balance and Healthy Living + Stage 2: Whole-Person Healing and Medicine

Dates to be confirmed

Fees: £1,900 GBP

Due 1-month in advance (15% early-bird reduction available) or in 5 equal monthly instalments.

Stage 3 + 4

Stage 3: Naturopathic Physician Training and Clinical Skills + Stage 4: Therapeutics and Practice Management 

Dates to be confirmed

Fees: £3,900 GBP 

Due 1-month in advance (15% early-bird reduction available) or in 10 equal monthly instalments.

Stage 5 + 6

Stage 5: Clinical Practice + Stage 6: Review and Consolidation  

Dates to be confirmed

Fees: £3,900 GBP

Due 1-month in advance (15% early-bird reduction available) or in 10 equal monthly instalments.


To be arranged. Fees: £300 GBP (Due before exams)

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